8 Tips to Avoid Stockouts for Your Amazon Store

As an Amazon seller, one of your worst nightmares is experiencing low inventory – and potentially a stockout. 

Not only does it lead to lost sales and unhappy customers, but it can also damage your store’s reputation and hurt your standings in Amazon search results. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent stockouts from happening in the first place. 

By implementing the strategies in this article, you can avoid stockouts, keep your store running smoothly and your trajectory on pace for profitable growth. Let’s dive in!

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Order more inventory with financing and/or payment terms

One way to avoid stockouts for your Amazon business is to order more inventory with financing or payment terms. 

  • By obtaining financing, you can afford to purchase a larger quantity of inventory, ensuring that you have enough stock to meet demand. 
  • Payment terms can also help with cash flow and allow you to order more inventory without having to pay upfront.
  • To begin obtaining financing or payment terms, reach out to suppliers and negotiate terms that work for both parties. 
  • You may also consider working with a lender or using a business credit card for financing options. 

It’s important to carefully assess the cost and benefits of obtaining loans and financing, or even payment terms, as it may increase overall expenses but ultimately lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction due to reduced stockouts.

And remember – cash flow is essential to the success of their venture. However, when it comes to inventory, many businesses find themselves in a catch-22. 

  • On the one hand, they need to have enough inventory on hand to meet customer demand. 
  • On the other hand, they need to be able to pay their suppliers for that inventory. 
  • As mentioned above, you can mitigate this issue by financing your inventory orders. 

When you pay your supplier over time (rather than all at once), you can free up cash flow to invest in other areas of your business – such as marketing to help move the increase in inventory that you now have.

In addition, financing your inventory can help to build a relationship of trust with your supplier. Ultimately, financing your Amazon inventory orders is a smart way to manage cash flow and grow your business.

Drip-feed inventory from an FBA prep center

In an FBA prep center, inventory is received and shipped out in batches rather than all at once. This allows for a steady flow of products to be sent to the Amazon warehouses, preventing stockouts.

  • Using a prep center for inventory also allows for careful management of supply and demand. 
  • You can adjust the frequency and quantity of shipments based on sales trends, 
  • This helps ensure there’s always enough inventory to support customer demand without overstocking or running out.

Additionally, using a prep center can save time and effort when it comes to packaging and labeling products. 

All of these factors contribute to a smoother, more efficient Amazon selling process and can ultimately increase profits by avoiding stockouts and maximizing sales potential.

Negotiate better lead times (if possible)

Oftentimes, the reason for low inventory and stockouts… are the production/shipping times.

If you can cut down on the lead time of your inventory, this can help mitigate this delay. Here are a few tips:

Communicate with your suppliers and discuss the lead times they currently have in place for delivering your products. This will give you a baseline to negotiate from and potentially identify opportunities for faster delivery.

Present the potential impact of stockouts on your business and the importance of reducing lead times. This could include lost sales, customer frustration, and negative reviews. Offer potential solutions such as paying a higher rate for quicker delivery or setting up multiple suppliers to ensure a steady supply chain.

Provide data/examples from past stockout situations to illustrate the necessity of shorter lead times. Negotiate with your suppliers to find a mutually beneficial solution that ensures you have a consistent supply of products without excessive inventory costs.

8 Tips to Avoid Stockouts for Your Amazon Store

Forecast seasonal demand to avoid stockouts

If you can predict increases in demand before they happen… this will help prevent running low on inventory.

  • One way to forecast seasonal demand for your Amazon business is by analyzing past sales data. 
  • Take a look at the previous year’s sales for your products during peak seasons and see if there were any spikes or dips in demand. 
  • Based on this information, you can make educated guesses about future demand and plan accordingly by ordering more inventory before peak seasons.

Another approach is to keep an eye on current trends and events that may affect demand for your products. 

For example, if a new movie in a popular franchise is being released during the holiday season, you may want to stock up on related merchandise. Keeping up with industry news and staying updated on popular products can also help you anticipate seasonal demand and avoid stockouts.

Improve inspections with an FBA prep company

Using an FBA prep company to inspect your inventory can greatly benefit your Amazon business. Not only will inspections help prevent FBA removal orders, but they can also reduce the risk of stockouts. 

  • Prep companies have the experience and knowledge necessary to thoroughly examine your products and ensure they meet Amazon’s standards. 
  • They can advise on proper packaging and labeling for maximum efficiency in the fulfillment process. 
  • Working with a prep company for inspections can save you time and stress in the long run, as it helps prevent any potential issues with your inventory before they arise. 
  • Plus, having a third party inspect your products adds an extra layer of professionalism and credibility to your brand. 

Inspections from a prep company are not only beneficial for preventing removal orders and stockouts, but they can also improve the overall customer experience with your products. 

  • Prep companies help ensure that items are properly packaged and labeled, reducing the likelihood of any damage during shipping. 
  • This results in happier customers who are more likely to leave positive reviews and make repeat purchases from your store. 
  • They can also spot any potential listing inaccuracies before they cause problems with Amazon or harm sales conversions. 
  • They can check details such as product dimensions, weight, and even search terms to optimize listings for better visibility on the platform. 

Ultimately, working with a prep company for inspections can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction for your Amazon business.

Use inventory software to prevent stockouts

Another strategy for avoiding stockouts is implementing an efficient inventory management system

  • This can prevent overstocking while also ensuring that you have enough inventory on hand. 
  • Consider using software or apps to track inventory levels and monitor sales trends in order to accurately predict purchasing needs. 
  • Regularly reviewing your inventory levels and sales data can help you make informed decisions about restocking and prevent future stockouts.

Remember – an inventory management system can help you track your stock levels and make sure you never run out of the items you need. It can also help you keep track of your sales data and predict when you might need to reorder stock. 

Overall, an inventory management system can help you stay organized and efficient, which can save you time and money in the long run.

Partner with a freight forwarder

Using a freight forwarder for selling on Amazon can have numerous benefits. One major benefit is avoiding low inventory. 

A freight forwarder can help manage your inventory and ensure that products are constantly being shipped to Amazon warehouses, preventing any instances of low stock.

  • Most forwarders have high expertise in international shipping. 
  • They can handle customs paperwork and regulations, allowing for smoother and quicker shipment of products to international buyers. 
  • They can also negotiate lower shipping rates with carriers, saving you money on the overall cost of getting products to customers.

Overall, utilizing the services of a freight forwarder can greatly improve the efficiency and success of your Amazon business. It allows you to focus on growing your business while leaving the logistics aspect in the hands of experts.

8 Tips to Avoid Stockouts for Your Amazon Store

Monitoring industry trends can also help you stay ahead of the competition – along with making informed decisions about which products to stock and how much inventory to carry. 

For example, if a new trend emerges in the market, having knowledge of it can help you quickly adapt and offer relevant products to meet consumer demand. On the other hand, being aware of declining trends can prevent you from overstocking on products that may not sell as well in the future.

  • Staying on top of industry trends also helps with maintaining a positive reputation as a seller. 
  • Consumers want to see that you are offering up-to-date and high-demand products, and monitoring trends can ensure that your inventory consistently meets their needs. 
  • Staying current with industry news and updates can help prevent any potential legal issues or non-compliance with Amazon’s policies.

Overall, regularly monitoring industry trends can benefit an Amazon seller in various ways, from avoiding stockouts to staying ahead of the competition and maintaining a positive reputation. Make sure to continuously educate yourself on market movements and updates in order to make informed decisions for your business.

Final thoughts on avoiding stockouts and low Amazon inventory

Avoiding stockouts for your Amazon store can be a difficult task, but with proper planning and inventory management, it is achievable. 

Remember – keep a close eye on your inventory levels and set up automatic reordering systems to avoid stockouts in your Amazon store. Regularly reviewing and adjusting your forecasting methods can help prevent any unexpected inventory shortages. 

  • Oversee your sales data and adjusting your reorder points accordingly, 
  • Use inventory management software to automatically track your inventory levels
  • Build strong relationships with your suppliers to ensure your supply chain remains smooth.

It may take some effort and planning, but avoiding stockouts can improve customer satisfaction and ultimately lead to increased sales for your business.
Keeping a strong relationship with suppliers and setting clear communication guidelines can ensure timely deliveries and prevent stockouts from occurring in the first place. By implementing these strategies, you’ll be able to avoid disruptions in sales and maintain a positive reputation with customers.