Kitting + Value Added Services

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Fast-Turnaround Ecommerce Fulfillment + Distribution

(99.9% Accurate)

Reduce your 3PL fulfillment + shipping costs by consolidating your orders and leveraging our relationships with carriers. Enjoy your newly-streamlined fulfillment + distribution process w/ elite order accuracy and fast turnaround times of 48-72 hours.


Product Kitting + Bundling

Create complex kits, bundles and customized product sets that are perfect for any market or customer requirements. With reduced fees, optimized dimensional weights and a sizable boost in customer AOV… you’ll have the ability to scale fast w/ rapid on-the-go adjustments at your desired pace (without tying-up inventory). Kitting fulfillment has never been easier.

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3PL Value-Added-Services

Value-added warehousing can offer impressive savings to your bottom line – with customized kitting, bundling, repackaging, inspections, pick + pack and order fulfillment. If you’re looking for a premium, best-in-class 3PL that removes the stress of your e-commerce supply chain, you’ve found the right partner at ZonPrep.

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Omnichannel + Amazon

Whether your brand sells on Shopify, or Amazon/Walmart/eBay/Etsy… we’re the go-to omnichannel 3PL that covers every marketplace. We’re highly-flexible with custom packaging + fulfillment needs, and we’re capable of shifting gears across multiple channels to meet your seasonal demands.

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Custom Kitting + Assembly Services

Worried about 3PLs messing-up your strict requirements? Not anymore. At ZonPrep, we have 20 years of experience handling complex + customized product kits and bundles – along with organizing and assembling goods that arrive scattered and separately-packaged. Tell us exactly how you want your product groupings & multi-sets arranged, and our team will handle it with 99.9% accuracy.

Why ZonPrep?

  • 3PL ecommerce fulfillment
  • Custom kitting & bundling
  • Value-added warehousing
  • Logistics & distribution
  • Packaging & labeling
  • Kitting & assembly
  • No minimums
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Highly-flexible
  • Fast, dedicated support
  • Backed by e-commerce veterans
  • 99.9% accuracy
  • Climate-controlled warehouse
  • Easy-to-use software
  • No inventory size limits
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Forwarding & drip-feeding
  • Private label & wholesale


Ship your products to our warehouse in McDonough, GA – even directly from your overseas manufacturer. From there, we’ll inspect your inventory, confirm good condition and count each SKU. We have several loading docks & forklifts to manage high volume & avoid delays – and we accept all major carriers & freight shipments.


Many manufacturers and suppliers just aren’t equipped to handle inspections with care and discipline. As e-commerce sellers for over 20 years, we know this frustration first-hand – and we specifically train our team to inspect for damages and defects upon receiving.


We have one of the largest ecommerce fulfillment warehouses in the USA – there’s almost no retail brand in the world that we can’t handle (we even have climate-controlled storage). Have full confidence knowing when your business grows and scales… you won’t have to worry about switching to another 3PL kitting service or value-added warehousing solution.

Packaging + Labeling

No project is too complex for our expert team at ZonPrep. Whether it’s bundling, multi-sets, subscriptions, custom packaging or any special requirements you need – we’ll package & label your shipments in 48-72 hours with 99.9% precision (nearly flawless & unbeatable vs. competitors).

3PL Distribution + Logistics

Once packaged, labeled & ready to ship, we’ll create shipping labels and coordinate with logistic partners – it’s 100% effortless on your end. Simply let us know what inventory you want prepped, how you want it packaged & shipped, and we’ll arrange delivery to each customer or location of your choice.

End-to-End Software + Support

Before handing-off your 3PL needs to a trusted, reliable team… you need to make sure their software is streamlined and constantly updated. At the end of the day, you’re paying for time and proficiency – and a smooth, functional software system will help ensure your inventory is handled properly.

Secure free shipping when you partner with ZonPrep

Selling fees are rising & margins are squeezing tighter by the day. Since we’re currently accepting new clients at ZonPrep, we’re now offering free shipping from your business to our facility… AND from our facility to any warehouse. Request a free, no-obligation quote below to get started – so we can take the 3PL stress off your shoulders today!

Get a free customized quote for your unique project needs!

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