What is a “Value-Added Service” Warehouse Distributor?

Companies like you are always looking for ways to streamline their supply chain– and get better value out of their products and services. 

So, what about when it comes to value-added warehouses? Have you ever wondered if there was an even higher level of service that warehouse distributors could offer? 

If so, then you may have heard the term “value added service” being tossed around, without understanding what it means. 

In this article, we take a look at just what a “value added service” warehouse distributor is – and how these services can boost your bottom line while improving customer experience too.

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Definition of a “value-added service” warehouse distributor

Value-added services (VAS) are designed to help streamline the supply chain process and bring added value to the end user. In particular, they provide additional distribution and warehousing capabilities that help reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

When a business chooses a third-party logistics provider, they gain access to additional resources such as:

  • Warehouse space
  • Inventory control
  • Order fulfillment
  • Shipping and other related services

By outsourcing these functions, businesses benefit from cost savings while focusing on core activities. 

With VAS, businesses can be sure that their products will reach consumers in an efficient manner without having to worry about managing distribution centers or dealing with delays due to poor inventory control. 

Furthermore, with specialized tracking systems put in place by third-party logistics providers, customers can expect quick response times on orders as well as accurate delivery information for their goods.

A few more points: 

  • Beyond efficiency benefits, VAS also provides customers with a better customer experience. 
  • By being able to offer same day service or overnight delivery options, businesses can ensure that customers receive their orders quickly and in good condition. 
  • Having the ability to track shipments allows customers to better gauge when their orders will arrive so they can plan accordingly. 
  • Businesses who use VAS also have access to additional analytics which can help them make more informed decisions about future purchases or promotions based on customer feedback. 

All of these advantages make VAS an attractive solution for many businesses looking for improved efficiency in their supply chain operations.

What is a "Value-Added Service" Warehouse Distributor?

Types of value-added services

Pick and Pack 

Pick and pack services are exactly what they sound like: A service provider picks items from a warehouse or distribution center and packs them together as requested by a customer. 

This type of service is ideal for businesses that need help managing large amounts of orders quickly, efficiently, and accurately. 


Transloading is the process of transferring cargo from one mode of transportation to another without unloading the original shipment. 

This type of service is often used by companies who need to move goods across multiple modes in order to get them to their destination faster or more cost-effectively than other methods. It’s also an excellent option for those who want to minimize their storage costs. 

Cross Docking 

Cross docking services involve taking items from one truck and loading them onto another truck for delivery at a different location. 

It’s often used when goods need to be moved quickly or when there’s limited space available at the destination site. It’s also great for businesses that don’t have enough time or resources to manage their own inventory transfers. 

Palletizing Services 

Palletizing is the process of grouping products onto pallets in preparation for shipping or storage purposes. 

Palletizing can be done manually or with automated systems, depending on the size and complexity of your operations. Palletizing is an excellent way to maximize space utilization in warehouses, reduce labor costs, improve safety, and streamline shipping processes. 

Kitting Services   

Kitting involves assembling products into kits for easy shipping or storage purposes. Products may be grouped together according to specific criteria such as size, color, weight, etc. – so that they are easier to handle as a single unit during shipping/storage/inventory transfers etc.

Kitting can save time on production lines while ensuring consistency between kits sent out or stored in warehouses/distribution centers etc..  

Return Processing   

Return processing services involve receiving returned items from customers and assessing them for quality control purposes before restocking them back into inventory if appropriate. 

This can help businesses reduce their losses due to damaged returns while still providing customers with quality products they can trust buying again in future purchases.   

Order Fulfillment  

Order fulfillment services involve managing orders through all stages right up until delivery – including picking & packing orders, shipping & tracking shipments, monitoring stock levels, and more.

This can help businesses streamline their operations while ensuring accuracy & efficiency throughout all stages – ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction & retention rates over time!

What is a "Value-Added Service" Warehouse Distributor?

Benefits of value-added services

Greater flexibility

A major benefit of VAS is its ability to provide a higher level of flexibility for small businesses. This is especially true when it comes to customer service, as VAS allows companies to anticipate and respond quickly to customer requests or changes in demand. 

This means that customers get what they need faster, thereby improving satisfaction and loyalty levels. Additionally, VAS provides better opportunities for upselling and cross-selling services that are tailored specifically for each customer’s unique needs. 

Opens up growth and scale

Another great advantage of VAS is that it facilitates growth and scalability in an organization by allowing them to provide an increased number of services without having to hire additional staff or invest heavily in new technology or systems. 

For example, many organizations use cloud-based services such as Salesforce or Intuit QuickBooks Online to streamline their processes and manage customer data easily while also scaling up their operations quickly and cost-effectively. 

Short + faster product lifecycles

The use of VAS also enables organizations to develop products faster by reducing the cost associated with research and development. 

Additionally, VAS reduces the time required for testing and validation processes thereby helping companies launch products faster than ever before. 

This gives businesses a competitive edge as they can release products before their competitors do, allowing them to capture more market share quickly and effectively while also increasing customer loyalty due to better quality products delivered on time.  

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