Our Facility

Take a Flight Through our Mega Facility

State of the Art, Climate Controlled Warehouse

Our 90,000 square foot facility is located in McDonough, GA, strategically located within the greater Atlanta Metro area. We have daily and weekly FTL services from our facility to Amazon’s warehouses, including CLT2 (Amazon’s main cross dock inbound point for the East Coast).

With 12 loading docks, multiple forklifts to accept pallet shipments, & our impressively-energetic team of FBA prep specialists… there’s not a better option across the entire country than ZonPrep.

Climate-controlled to prevent damaged inventory

Did you know – many FBA prep services do NOT use temperature-controlled warehouses? Whether you sell perishable items, cosmetics, supplements, or any products made of certain leathers or rubbers (along with a huge list of other materials as well) – our warehouse at ZonPrep will keep it stored at ideal temperatures. Never stress or worry about your entire batch of inventory going to waste because of hot or cold temperatures.

Sync’d with our FBA prep management system

From the time your receiving arrives… to the time your shipment heads off… you’ll be able to monitor every single step along the way.  All items are scanned at multiple touch-points throughout the prep workflow – which provides you an immediate status update.

Extremely well-vetted team of prep specialists

Having an unreliable, negligent warehouse team is like a bucket trying to catch water… with a giant hole in the bottom! No matter how much water you add, it keeps draining. With ZonPrep, you can sit back and relax knowing your inventory is handled gently, swiftly, and responsibly w/ our dedicated specialists – who take serious pride in shoring up your FBA prep needs.

Serving small & large businesses

You might be wondering – do we have any requirements for size and scope of inventory? We generally accept businesses of all sizes – with a small minimum of 1000 units. Beyond that, with our immense 90,000 square feet warehouse, we’re able to comfortably accept Amazon business of any size with any amount of SKUs.


Frequently Asked Question

All of our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Yes! Located in McDonough, Georgia, we’re conveniently located on the East Coast and within optimal range of nearby Amazon warehouses – which helps lower shipping costs drastically. On top of that, ZonPrep is owned and operated in the same area as well – meaning ownership and head management is within range to keep a close eye on warehousing operations.

Absolutely. That’s the most frequent scenario for the Amazon business we serve – and we’re able to properly inspect, label, pack and prepare your inventory regardless of the packing condition your manufacturer sent it in. Just make sure to send us the packing list or ASN prior to receiving and each carton should have the FBA Merchant SKU, quantity, and gross weight listed – which we’ll explain further during onboarding.

Yes – everything from your receiving, inspection, packing, labeling and shipment. You’ll be able to monitor the entire FBA prep process from both a detailed & bird’s eye view – with the ability to make Special Requests and see live inventory counts in real time.