Amazon Product Image Hacks to Boost Sales

Do your Amazon product images seem “off” – or has another Amazon expert said your images need improvement? There are several reasons why high-quality Amazon product images are so important. First and foremost, great images will help boost conversion rates. If your product photos are professional and high-end, shoppers are more likely to be compelled to buy your products. 

In addition, high-quality product photos also increase search rankings. If your products look attractive, people are more likely to buy them – and Amazon wants to rank the most relevant products that customers click on and purchase from. 

Combined together, this increases profitability across the board. High quality Amazon product images can help grow your business by lowering your cost to generate each sale – because once again, shoppers are more likely to click on and buy products with images that show the item’s benefits and visual appeal. 

So if you want to improve your store’s bottom line, check out the Amazon product image tips below to help grow your business.

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Follow Amazon product image requirements

First, take a look at Amazon’s image requirements here. This includes everything from the required size of each image, the quality specs, and other necessary rules you need to follow – in order to receive clearance to sell on Amazon.

As an FBA seller, you are always looking for ways to increase your sales and stay ahead of the competition. By ensuring that your product images meet Amazon’s requirements, you can make sure that your products are visible and clear to potential buyers. In addition, you’ll also avoid any potential penalties that could be imposed by Amazon if your images do not meet their standards – such as having a listing taken down. By taking the time to follow the requirements, you can help to ensure that your products stand out on Amazon’s marketplace.

360-degree view w/ every angle of product

360-degree product photography is an essential view for many products on Amazon. By providing customers with a complete view of the product from every angle, you can give them the confidence they need to make a purchase. 

Also, 360-degree images can help to reduce returns by giving customers a better idea of what they are buying. And if you’re selling products that are difficult to photograph, such as jewelry or electronics, 360-degree views can be especially helpful. 

There are a few different ways to create 360-degree product photography. 

  • You can use a specialized camera 
  • You can take them with your smartphone
  • You can hire a product photography company (more below)

Whichever method you choose, remember to use plenty of light, avoid using flash, and shoot from multiple angles. By following these simple tips, you can create high-quality 360-degree images that will help improve your sales on Amazon.

Amazon Product Image Hacks to Boost Sales

White background images first

Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace, and sellers must go the extra mile to make their products stand out. One key element of a successful Amazon listing is high-quality product photos. Professional-looking product photos can help to increase conversion rates, and one easy way to achieve this look is by using white background images. 

White background images are simple and clean, and they make the product the focus of the photo. Keep in mind – white backgrounds can help to make products appear larger and more detailed. When shooting product photos, try to use a white backdrop and avoid shadows or other distractions. With beautiful, well-lit photos, you can help your products stand out on Amazon and increase your chances of making a sale.

Lifestyle images

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to product images on Amazon. A high-quality product image can make the difference between a customer clicking “add to cart” or moving on to the next listing. So our next tip includes using lifestyle images that show the product in action. 

These kinds of images help customers visualize how the product will fit into their lives. They also give a sense of scale and can be helpful for showing off features that might be hard to see in a traditional product shot. So, if you’re looking to boost your conversion rate, consider using lifestyle images that show your product in use. It could just be the thing that helps you improve sales and stand out from the competition.

Sizing and instructional images

As any online shopper knows, product images are essential when making a purchase decision. A good image can show off the features of a product and help to convince a shopper to buy, while a bad image can turn them away. One way to ensure your images are on-point is to use proper sizing images, which show the dimensions of the product. This can be especially helpful for products that are difficult to visualize, such as furniture or clothing. 

In addition, consider using instructional images that show how to use the product. For example, if you are selling a new kitchen gadget, you could include an image that shows how it works, the angle in which you use it, and step-by-step sections. By taking the time to improve your Amazon product images, you will be more likely to increase revenue and grow your business.

Amazon Product Image Hacks to Boost Sales

Emotional appeals

Emotional triggers are a powerful way to persuade someone to take action. And when it comes to online shopping, images are a key factor in evoking an emotional response. The right image can stop a scrolling shopper in their tracks and compel them to choose your product over competitors.

So, how can you use emotion to improve your product images on Amazon? First, consider the primary emotions you want to evoke: do you want to inspire happiness, awe, or urgency? 

Once you know what feeling you want to create, select images that will support that emotion. For example, if you’re selling a luxury item, you’ll want to use images that inspire happiness and prosperity. On the other hand, if you’re selling a time-sensitive product, images that create a sense of urgency will be more effective. By using emotional triggers in your product images, you can significantly increase your chances of making a sale on Amazon.

Product videos

While product images are massively important… in today’s competitive market, it’s sometimes not enough to simply have clear, well-lit photos of your products. Consumers want to see your products in action, and that’s where videos come in. 

By adding videos to your product listings, you can give shoppers a better sense of what your products are really like. Show them how the product works, how to use it, and what makes it special. Videos can really help enhance your Amazon listing, so make sure to take advantage of this powerful feature if you can (especially if your conversion rate is low).

Amazon Product Image Hacks to Boost Sales

Product photography/video services

If you’re having any issues coming up with your own images or videos, consider using a professional imaging service. A good photographer will know how to take advantage of lighting and angles to make your products look their best. 

Another option is to use a videography service that specializes in showing your products in use. Customers today are increasingly interested in watching videos before they make a purchase. By creating high-quality video content, you can give potential customers a better sense of what your products are like and how they work. Either way, using professional services to improve your Amazon product photos or videos is a great way to improve your Amazon product images and videos.